Ever been to a festival and wanted someone to take the hassle out of getting your stuff from the car? Well, this year, the good people of Festaxi will be joining us in the fields to give you an a VIP service upon arrival and on departure. Their decorated six seat golf buggies are perfect to whisk you, your family/friends and your camping gear away on an energy saving journey to the campsite of your choice.

They will have pick up points in the car park and also in the campsite. All you’ll need to do is hail a taxi and you’ll be lifted off your feet and into the fun.

No more multiple trips back and forth to the car leaving you so exhausted you barely have the energy to lift your first drink. This will be by far the best £15 you’ll spend all weekend, that’s just £3 each with a full taxi…

Head over to their Facebook page if you have any questions www.facebook.com/festaxi